[CEI] Chrome Extension Ideas #5

This issue covers ideas for Redfin, Twitter and SEO.

Welcome to the 11 new people joining this week! Feel free to reply to this email and let me know how can I make this more useful for you.

Note: We had our first idea executed and turned into a Chrome Extension.

We shared an idea in our last issue for Amazon shoppers and Derek moved fast and turned it into an extension.

You can check the extension here: Auto-Coupon

It feels amazing to see people taking action on our research.

Install it, Play with it, Share your feedback and support a fellow creator.

Let’s dive into the first idea:

A Chrome Extension that blocks you from accessing redfin if you don’t have money for the down payment.

I would collect all the data from users while onboarding them and control their access based on that data.

Redfin is trending upwards so this would be a good time to create tools focused on it.

Similar Solutions: I couldn’t find any similar solution that helps you control your redfin access based on your savings.

I would also use the user’s data to figure out what they need and design a monetization plan based on that.

Let’s move onto the second idea:

A Chrome Extension that allows you to add notes on profiles.

This will be great for people who have a hard time remembering names and faces. (Let me know if there’s a specific term for them.)

Or for those times when somebody changes their profile picture or display name.

Similar Solutions:

  1. https://tapbots.com/tweetbot/

Tweetbots allows you to add notes but it’s a Twitter client focused on iOs and Mac.

Update: More people are asking for this.

And the last idea of this issue:

A Chrome Extension that helps you to check your title tags vs. what Google is showing in the search results.

Google is causing issues by automatically changing the title tag in the search rankings. This can help SEOs with that.

Similar Solutions:

  1. Keywords in Sheets

  2. Sistrix

  3. Check Titles

  4. Keyword Surfer

This thread covers all the research you need to do in order to understand the pain point and serve SEOs.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Chrome Extension Ideas. See you next week.

Talk Soon,

Honey Syed

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