Oh! Another "Ideas Newsletter". Don't we have enough of that already?

This one is a little different because we will be sharing market-sourced ideas.

Allow me to explain:

I met a few developer friends of mine and was trying to motivate them to create something of their own.

And they told me that they can build products but don't know how to market them.

And I realized that a lot of indie ideas fail too because of a lack of marketing.

No, I'm not going to teach you marketing here.

I'm going to do something a little better. I'm going to share chrome extension ideas sourced from the market.

Sourced from the market means, I will be spending time on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, etc., and will share with you what the market is asking for.

Wouldn't that be great if you know what the market wants? You just build it and give it to them.

And Chrome Extensions are relatively easier to build so you can work on quite a few ideas.

I don't know about you but I love working on a few ideas at once. This newsletter is also a new idea I'm adding to the mix.

We will have a free version and a paid version. My personal goal is to make the free version so valuable that people end up signing up for the paid version.

It would be wild if this hits $10K MRR. Well, A man can wish :)

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